Top 5 Options For The Best Heating Pad For Your Car

Do you remember sitting in your car on a cold winter evening with numb fingers and aching feet? Well, you can put an end to this experience by investing in the right heating pad for your car seat. We have rounded up 5 best options that will warm your car seats and keep you from freezing inside your vehicle.

1. Kingleting Heated Car Cushion

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Coming first on the list is the heating pad from Kingleting. It has a universal fit and works on almost all car seats. Users can choose the temperature setting from 30 ℃(86℉) to 60 ℃(140℉). It heats up under a minute and provides warmth to the back, hips, and thighs. The non-slip rubber bottom prevents it from moving. Elastic bands are provided to secure it on the seat correctly.

The heating pad is equipped with a thermostat that prevents it from getting overheated. Users can set the maximum temperature, and the thermostat will stop increasing the heat when it reaches the set limit. When the temperature goes below the limit, it automatically works to raise the heat.

It also features a power-off timer. This feature is handy as you don’t have to worry if you forget to switch it off. Users can set the timer to switch off after 30, 60, or 90 minutes. However, the heating pad does not have padding. As a result, it does not make the seat any more comfortable.

  • Flexible temperature control
  • Instant heating
  • Power-off timer
  • Anti-slipping
  • No padding
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If you are looking for a high-quality heating pad with a classy look, go for this option.

2. HealthMate heated seat cushion 

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The next on the list is the HealthMate heated seat cushion. The exterior of the pad features soft velour and polyester, which makes it very comfortable to sit on. It comes with an easy to operate temperature controller. The heating pad has a thickness of 0. 5 inch and thus offers adequate lumbar support.

It is effortless to set it up. It comes with a strap and clasp system for fastening the pad to the seat. You can easily remove it and use it on another seat too. It is also an ideal choice for people who want the right product within a tight budget. Based on their personal preference, buyers can choose either the grey or the black option. 

The temperature controller has no option for a manual setting. Users must choose from the 3 pre-set options – high, low, and off. Thus one cannot set the temperature according to their need.

  • Lumbar support
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Color options
  • No manual temperature setting
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This heating pad is ideal for people who want comfort and warmth without spending too much. It is also suitable for the aging demographic as it offers back support.

3. Snailax Heating Pad 

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Coming 3rd on the list is the versatile heating pad from Snailax. It not only works on the seats of the regular 12-Volt cars but also fits on 24-volt vehicles like buses and trucks. The heating pad is built with heating, as well as a cooling feature. Thus you do not need to change the pad with every passing season.

It features two-level heating that keeps the back and the seat region comfortably warm in winters. Additionally, the unique 3D spacer fabric helps to keep the driver comfortable even on long journeys.

Apart from the car adapter, home adapters are also provided with the product. Thus making it convenient to use at home and office too. It has an automatic shut down feature that prevents the seat from overheating. Despite its many benefits, some users find the heating pad to be quite thick. This may be a concern for tall drivers as it increases the overall height of the seat.

  • All-weather pad
  • Dual-zone heating
  • Breathable mesh
  • Home adapter
  • Safe and reliable
  • Extra thick padding
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This is a good option for people looking for an all-season heating pad packed with several useful features.

4. Sojoy universal car seat heater

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Featuring next on the list is a multifunctional heated seat by Sojoy. It starts heating under 3 minutes. It has a comprehensive design and fits snugly on the seat. The heating pad is made using a soft polyester fabric that facilitates ventilation and keeps the driver warm and comfortable.

The installation process is quite straight forward. The product ships with hook & loop fasteners and elasticated belts for ensuring a quick set up. The maximum temperature of the heating pad is 120℉. Users can set the temperature to low, medium, or high. It also comes with a built-in 45-minute cut off timer.

It is equipped with a lengthy cord that can be tucked safely under the car seat, hidden from sight, and not obstructing anything. Although designed to be a non-slip heating pad, it does move around a bit. Hence it requires minor adjustments from time to time.

  • Breathable material
  • Easy setup
  • 3-level temperature setting
  • Long cord
  • Fast heating
  • Slides around
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This is a good fit for drivers who spend many hours behind the wheel. The high quality, breathable, and soft polyester fabric will keep them cozy.

5. Relief Expert car seat heater

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The final product on the list is the Relief Expert car seat heater. It comes with a free 30-day return option and a one year warranty. Made using premium PU leather, it has several heat-radiating pores that instantly disperse the heat coming from the embedded heating coil.

This kind of heating pad provides users with the option of controlling the temperature of the seat and back area separately. The temperature setting provided is low, medium, and high. It comes with a 30 /60/90 minute auto shut-off to ensure safety.

An important point to note about the product is that the heating pad’s width is quite narrow. As a result, although the bottom is warm, the sides are not.

  • Superfast heating
  • Unique heat controller
  • Smart safety features
  • Not wide enough
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The product comes with a cigarette lighter with two interfaces. Therefore, it is suitable for people who want to use two car seat heaters at the same time.

Buying guide

When you are on the lookout for a heating pad for your car, there are several factors to consider, such as the price, installation, built, etc. This guide will steer you in the right direction and address all your needs.

1. The time required to heat up

Quick heating time is the most desired feature. The standard time is usually between 2-3 minutes. Anything more than this will make it seem like a long wait.

2. The padding on the cover

If you want a heating pad that offers lumbar support, then look for ones that have a fair amount of padding. Pick one that is made from velour or has a mesh. This makes it more comfortable to sit on.

3. The installation process

For getting the best results, the heating pad must fit perfectly on your car seat. It is safer to buy a one built with a universal fit as they are designed to work with a majority of car seats.

4. The auto-shutoff 

Some heating pads come with an auto-shutoff feature. It is useful as sometimes one tends to forget to turn it off. This can not only drain your car’s battery but also result in a fire hazard.

5. The temperature control

Some heating pads have a fixed set of temperature ranges, while others give the user more control. Some pads do not heat high enough to provide you with the comfort you look for in a cold evening. Therefore check the range before finalizing your pick.

6. The product’s wiring

It is recommended to choose models that provide the option of tucking the wires under the seat. It not only reduces the clutter but also prevents potential dangers.

7. The price point

Heating pads for cars are available from $20 and go up to $50 or a bit higher. A higher-priced product will have advanced features like better temperature control, massage, and cooling.


Are there questions popping in your mind? Here are answers to a few, frequently asked by the buyers:

Q. How is the heating pad attached to the car seat?

A. The heating pads most often ship with many straps that one can use to secure it to the seat. Ensure to strap it securely so that it does not slip away when in use.

Q. How many should I buy?

A. The quantity is entirely up to you. Just remember that one heating pad will warm only one seat at a time. If buying a 2 piece combo, make sure that it allows controlling the temperature of each pad separately.

Q. For how long will the heating pad remain warm after being turned off?

A. The heating pads do retain heat and require 15-30 minutes to cool completely, post which they behave as regular seat covers.

Q. Will the heating pad continue to work after the car is switched off?

A. The answer depends on the type of 12-volt plug currently being used in the car. If the plug can run without the engine operating, then the heating pad can continue to work after the car is switched off.


Gone are the days when only the upmarket premium cars could boast of heated seats. Thanks to the wide range of affordable heating pads for cars, motorists can now indulge in this luxury. They make the interior of the car much cozier in the winter and provide relief from sore backs and muscle pains. So go ahead and take your pick from the above list and enjoy the experience!

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