Replace Toilet Papers With Best Hand Held Bidet Sprayers

Do you think about climate change and sustainability and how you can contribute and be more eco-friendly? Then you must think about installing handheld bidet sprayers as we often ignore the huge impact that toilet paper leaves on the environment. 

Bidet handheld sprayers have been popular throughout Asia and some parts of Europe for many decades. Now you can find this equipment in most modern toilets. These bring in a more hygienic experience and are easy to use in any existing WCs. You don’t need to change any existing plumbing mechanism and can install the new device easily. 

Using any handheld sprayer with water reduces toilet paper use by up to 90% as you need it only to dry after washing.


Bidet users may already know the advantages, but the handheld bidets perfectly clean up the intended areas for the uninitiated. Simple to use, the toilet experience becomes more hygienic as we control the pressure of water and cleans up delicate areas. 

The toilet papers use a lot of green trees, and even the recycling process leaves tons of chemical residue. You can save space and money by using the water sprayers since you will not need to buy toilet paper.

A hand-held bidet sprayer has many other uses too. You can use that to clean up your pet as well. You can use the nozzle to direct the water jetstream to clean up any hard-to-remove stains or dirt. 

Top Five Hand Held Bidet Sprayers

This is our review of some of the best Hand Held Bidet Sprayers to help you choose the right one for your home. If you are planning to remodel the toilets, then you can choose any of these. If you cannot make structural changes or do not want to spend too much money on installation, then rest assured that there are models that you can fit yourself. 

1. RinseWorks – Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

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This is one of the approved handheld Bidet sprayers for installation in the US and Canada. It comes with two back-flow protectors to prevent contamination of other water supplies and adheres to the legal requirement codes. You have complete control over the water pressure using your thumb due to the dual adjustable pressure controls. This helps you target the water stream in the right area instead of spraying it all over the body or floor. You can control the pressure to a level that you like or need. 

You can use the sprayer to clean many other things as well. It comes with an ABS polymer sprayer and a Brass t-connector. A long and flexible 54” steel hose and 5” long extension with the ABS spray head help during its use. It also has a spray plate removal tool and a clip and holder for the sprayer that you must attach to a surface. Solid brass nuts and crimps do not rust and make it last longer. You can install this impact-resistant and strong sprayer yourself without any plumber. It comes with a three-year warranty.

  • Completely corrosion free
  • Long extension
  • Can install yourself
  • The sprayer must not be under pressure, and you must switch off the T-valve after every use.

Editor’s opinion

This product has great reviews due to its features. It is corrosion-free and will last long. It is easy to install yourself, and everyone in the family can use it easily. 

2. Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet Faucet Handheld Sprayer Kit

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The Purrfectzone sprayer comes with a stainless steel with a handle and a lever to operate. The kit comes with the parts ready to install within ten minutes. You can mount it on the wall or the toilet. You can control the pressure of water using the lever. The jet is strong and supports heavy pressure too, but you must turn the T-valve off after using it to preserve the same.

The head of the sprayer contains SUS304 stainless steel and is rust-free. You can remove and clean the nozzle periodically. The hose is flexible and strong and helps to reach farther. The hose uses advanced technology and contains steel and EPDM inner tubes that have braided steel rope. The double-lock system prevents leakage, and the tube does not break easily. The T-valve uses brass and nylon. You can use the cone washer to fit the device smoothly. It can fit most designs of toilets, but you must check the compatibility and choose the right model. 

  • Stainless steel is rust-proof.
  • Easy installation and easy to control the pressure of water.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Users must switch off the T-valve after every use, and if kids forget to do that, it may lead to leakage or flooding.

Editor’s opinion

The bidet sprayer is steel and corrosion-resistant. It can sustain water pressure to a great extent. You will find it an easy to install bidet sprayer that will come in handy in the toilet.

3. TRUSTMI Toilet Concealed Hot and Cold Bidet Spray Set, Brushed Nickel

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This is a mix of two strong metals. The body contains brass, and the head is that of stainless steel, and the finish is brushed nickel, so it does not tarnish for a long time. You can mount it on the wall. The best part is that it supports hot and cold water mixing, making it a pleasant experience in those winter months. 

The hose is 47” steel with both EPDM and vinyl coating on the inner side that can withstand very strong water pressure. This again makes it durable. You can use the push-down switch at the rear to switch between soft and jet flow. It has a standard connector of G1/2” for the hot and cold water mixer. 

It comes with a handle, decorated plate, and connector. You can mount it on the wall with the accessories coming with it- manual, screws, and sprayer. 

  • The hot and cold water mixing is a great feature.
  • Easy to mount fixture
  • Corrosion-free
  • It may not withstand water pressure too long, and you must remember to switch off the valve every time.

Editor’s opinion

You will find many favorable reviews from users as the bidet sprayer is durable. The hot and cold water mix is an added attraction. It is reasonably priced, and you can install it without a plumber.

4. ABEDOE Handheld Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet

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This is a dual-mode bidet sprayer and shattaf. You can control the spray of water to be strong or weak using the T-Valve. So if you need a very strong stream of water to clean a dirty spot in the bathroom, you can use the strong mode. You can use the weak mode while washing the sensitive areas on the body or bathing the pet. 

The best feature is the auto operation, where you can keep the sprayer on without pressing the switch continuously. This makes it a favorite for people due to its convenience. The bidet has worked for a long time as it is strong and made with steel. It comes with all the accessories to fit it on the toilet or the wall, and you can do it in ten minutes.

Remember to close the water supply wall while fitting it. If the supply valve is open while fitting, then the water pressure may damage the valve. It is also recommended to close the valve after using the shattaf.

  • A dual-mode sprayer that can be controlled easily.
  • An automatic mode is also available, which makes it very efficient and convenient.
  • It would be best if you were careful while installing to prevent leakage or flooding of water.

Editor’s opinion One of the best hand held spray you must opt for. The control system and the smooth functioning of the spray makes it worth the money invested.

5. Brondell PS-90 PureSpa Bidet Sprayer

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The company brands this as a diaper sprayer and bidet sprayer. This is a simple and cheaper device that can be fitted easily. The hose is that of reinforced braided PVC. The T-Valve is strong and does not corrode easily as it is made using steel. The shut-off feature in the T-Valve prevents leakages. The shattaf comes from a reputed company that provides a standard warranty for the gadget. It comes in an ergonomic design, usually in white color, that suits the bathroom decor easily. It can be fitted in any bathroom using the accessories on the wall or the toilet.

The hose is flexible and allows its use at any angle, either to use as a bidet or to wash a dirty diaper.

  • The shut-off feature helps to maintain safety.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Nothing much to speak about.

Editor’s opinion

This is an inexpensive and simple model of the bidet. You can use the flexible tube/ hose for many purposes in the bathroom. You will be able to install it in an existing bathroom or during renovation. 

Points to keep in mind while buying a handheld sprayer

Now that you know more about the handheld bidet sprayers, you can install one easily. Buy one after checking for the following points- 

●      Material: The hoses are usually made using steel braids or ABS polymers. Steel would be more durable, but it is also heavier. A plastic hose will be lightweight and more flexible. Choose the right one for the people using the sprayer; kids, adults, and the elderly may need different weights and materials. You may also look at the steel braided hose with a polymer coating to prevent leakage. The flexibility of the hose is critical for easy maneuvering within small confined spaces. Check the accessories and their quality as well. You need a complete system compatible with the existing setup at home. You cannot go around buying a hose and then checking for a different T-valve or head for a sprayer. 

●      Installation: Unless you are remodeling the bathroom, check for ease of installation in the existing toilet. Some models may need plumber assistance, and you may be able to install some yourself. Some models have a head and T-Valve that can easily fit into the existing systems. 

●      T-Valve: This must be sturdy to direct the water in the right direction. It comes in brass, plastic, and steel. Choose a material that is strong and does not corrode for a long time. The T-Valve must withstand water pressure and prevent leakages. This valve directs the water flow between the sprayer and the toilet water tank. You must install it carefully and switch it off after use. The brass ones must also have sturdy screws that can withstand water pressure. T-Valve is the most important fixture, and you must choose the model after careful consideration.

●      Price: This is an important aspect for everyone. Making a change to the existing toilet may not be feasible for everyone. Consider the associated charges for remodeling and plumbing. People get confused between toilet seat bidets and handheld video sprayers. The toilet seat bidets are expensive and provide many options- warm water, buttons for many functions, and even a warm seat. The luxury and comfort may be more, but the nozzle may not provide the same kind of hygiene as a handheld sprayer does because everyone shares the bidet sprayers.

●      Length of the hose: It must be long enough to reach the target area. A very long hose is difficult to use and to hang back on the hook. A very short hose may not reach the bidet.  ●      The spray head: A steel sprayer head will be corrosion resistant. The head may rotate to 180 or 360 degrees. The head rotation may seem unimportant, but it is. The hose turns and twists, and that time you can just rotate the head and aim the water stream correctly. This convenience also makes the hose last long and adds to your convenience.


What material should be a Bidet sprayer?

The most important fact is that we use the bidet sprayer in a wet area. The entire set-up must be corrosion and rust-free. The material must resist rust and corrosion and narrow it down to the plastic, steel, brass, etc. Cheaper bidet sprayers may look attractive, and yet their outside finish may wear off after some time. The steel and polymer-based sprayer are good options. Plastic ones are good, but their durability is questionable. The most prevailing styles use metal and plastic combinations.

Is an all-flex bidet sprayer important?

This kind of handle can flex backward to maintain constant water flow. A handle needs constant pressure from the thumb to keep the water stream on. So if it has an all-flex feature, you can twist the handle backward and lock it, and the water will stream until you switch it off. A bidet with such a back handle or even a system to lock the handle is more convenient. Some sprayers come with a button that must also be convenient to use your hand easily.


Bidets are becoming increasingly more popular. Your existing toilet may not have enough space for a wall-mounted bidet sprayer or a toilet-mounted bidet. You must assess the space for installation and then buy the right one. The installation is important to ensure durability. If you don’t know the nitty-gritty, ask a plumber for specifications and ask him to install it.

The handheld sprayers are cheaper and convenient. You can use a handheld bidet sprayer for other cleaning tasks like washing dirty diapers and even to wash your pets. Install a handheld bidet sprayer, and you will save money, space, and trees by avoiding toilet paper.

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