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Shylights: Spellbinding Kinetic Lights That Bloom like Flowers


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Elegant Wooden Stair Types: Introduction


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14 Most Popular Interior Design Themes Explained


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Guide to Polish Concrete Floors At Home




Image source: Yupiu

Concrete floors make for spectacular finishes, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors. To ensure that your floor remains looking its best, regular cleaning is required. Your floor will also benefit tremendously from occasional polishing. In addition to a glamorous and shiny floor, polishing also keeps the floor in great shape for much longer time. To polish your floor effectively, you’ll have to work in phases, using disks of different texture. Patience may also be required, but the results will certainly be worth all the effort and labor.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Sweep

Begin by cleaning your floor before applying polish. Sweep all the dirt with a broom and gather it all in a dustpan. A vacuum cleaner will also do to clear all dirt from the floor.

Step 2: Mop

Fill up the mopping bucket with clean water and add some mild detergent. Using the mop, clean your floor to remove residual dust. Mild stains will easily come off when mopping. Leave the floor to dry completely before you start polishing.

Step 3: Polish With Coarse Grit

Begin with a coarse grit polishing disk, like one that measures about 500 when polishing your floor. Coarse grit tends to be more effective on tough stains and rough surfaces on the floor. Work systematically, starting at one end of the floor and moving up from side to side till the floor is completely covered. Use circular motions to cover the whole floor. Make sure you place more attention on tough stains so that you try as much as possible to get rid of them. Be careful not to make any overlaps you work.

Step 4: Polish With Fine Grit

After using the coarse grit disk to polish, switch to a fine grit disk. Using circular motions, work your way over the entire floor making sure you don’t overlap any spot. Residual stains should lift off when you use a fine grit. The concrete floor will look cleaned as all the rough patches and stains are removed with the fine grit.

Step 5: Polish With Extra Fine Grit

For the final phase, polish with the finest grit disk, like the 1500. This will give your floor a beautiful, glass-like sheen. Again, use circular motions to work the grit across your concrete floor. Avoid overlapping your circles as you work your way.

Step 6: Apply Concrete Floor Polish

Using the floor grinder, apply concrete floor polish onto the entire surface. This will give that extra sheen you need. At this point your concrete floor will be looking its best.

Make Your Own Awesome Chalkboard Paint in Any Color + Ideas


If you thought chalkboards were only useful in the classroom, you’re wrong. Inventive people around the are using chalkboard paint in offices, at their homes and everywhere they can paint on. Standard black/green chalkboard paint can cost you ~$10-30 (for 30 oz.). But for other colors you will need to pay a lot more – double or even triple price. So, why not to do it yourself?

Making Chalkboard Paint

The recipe is really simple and easy:


That’s it! 8 parts of latex paint or acrylic paint and 1 part of unsanded grout. Mix everything extremely well and paint.

Before painting – surface must be clean. Remove all dust and oils.

After painting – let it dry for about 3 days. Then rub chalk along the entire surface of the board, and then wipe the chalk off with a barely-damp cloth or paper towel.

Here are some awesome chalkboard ideas we gathered just for you!

DIY-Chalkboard-Paint-Wine-Bottle DIY-Chalkboard-Paint-Wine-Bottle1. Lovely wine bottles transformed into decorations or vases. (via Bell’alimento)


2. Chalkboard painted mug. Send different message for your loved ones every morning.

Herb sink chalkboard painted clay pots

outside herb pots chalkboard painted clay pots

3. Great idea for your own herb garden. Mark which herb is growing in which clay pot. (via The Robin’s Nest)


4. Holiday decorations painted with chalkboard paint. It can’t get any better than this.


5. Just look at this eclectic dinning room table. (via Madison Home)


6. The most used appliance at home? Yes it’s a fridge. And the best place to leave a message. (via KeepSmilingHome)


7. One of the best ways to stimulate children’s creativity. (via JodieRosenDesign)


8. Colorful home office organizer. (via Houzz)



9. Easy way to organizer that dresser. (via HomeLife and ElleDesign)


10. Genius way to improve your spice rack. (via InspirationForHome)


11. Have an old frame? Fill it with chalkboard paints and hang it again. (via FoundbyDomesticBliss)


12. Great way to add some colors and organize your kitchen.


13. Pink? Even this color is possible!


14. Adapt your chalkboard’s color to any interior. Green hall with green chalkboard wall. (via KathyCorbeInteriors)

What’s the most awesome chalkboard paint idea you have seen? Share your ideas in the comments below.