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Guide to Polish Concrete Floors At Home

Concrete floors make for spectacular finishes, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors. To ensure that your floor remains looking its best, regular cleaning is required. Your floor will also benefit tremendously from occasional polishing.


Benefits of a Living Green Roof

With the environment becoming an increasingly important topic, the subject of a living green roof often comes into play. You may have heard about these living roofs or may have seen tidbits floating around on the internet about them but are probably unsure of their


Make Your Own Awesome Chalkboard Paint in Any Color + Ideas

If you thought chalkboards were only useful in the classroom, you’re wrong. Inventive people around the are using chalkboard paint in offices, at their homes and everywhere they can paint on. Standard black/green chalkboard paint can cost you ~$10-30 (for 30 oz.). But for other


See How Easily You Can Purify Air

The Best Air-Purifying Plants You don’t need any fancy machines or the latest technological advancements in air filters if you know what houseplants will improve indoor air quality. Back in the ‘80s, the Associated Landscape Contractors of America and NASA studied regular houseplants as a

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Amazing Lights & Chandelier Designs

Lighting is one of the most important parts in your home. Innovative, modern or handcrafted lamps, chandeliers can bring warm and cozy atmosphere to your home. We have searched the net for most interesting and easy to make lighting for you. Check these incredible handcrafted


DIY Awesome Pallet Furniture Ideas

Have you ever searched for a new furniture? There are so many options available in these times.  It is really exhausting and most of the time, the one that really looks good costs the most… So why not to make it by yourself? Pallet –


Re-use for Old Door Knobs

Door knobs aren’t the most useful thing apart from opening doors. Here are some ideas for old, used door knobs that are as original as those expensive designer works… Have a look and create something beautiful.


19 Indoor Herb Planter Ideas

  Are you living in a small apartment? Or want to have fresh herb during whole yea? Well here is a solution just for you. Check these 19 amazing indoor herb garden ideas. Wall mounted jar planters. For those who have a lot of indoor light.