Best SPC Flooring | Updated 2021 | A Complete Guide

Good quality flooring enhances the interiors of your home and also lets you enjoy a better lifestyle. Since flooring is a crucial and permanent part of your home design, it is important to select good quality flooring. 

Speaking of flooring choices, everyone tends to think of marble, tiles, and wooden floors traditionally used in all homes. However, many developed countries have started to look at SPC flooring’s advantages that give the same look and feel like a wooden floor but are priced economically.

SPC Flooring

SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. The SPC flooring is 100% waterproof and offers amazing durability. These are engineered vinyl planks and use advanced technology to make the flooring look like natural stone or wood but at a lower price. The flooring has a rigid core which makes it perfect for the areas that experience high traffic. SPC is the same as the luxury vinyl flooring in the way it is structured. The layers in SPC flooring are:

UV topcoat

The UV rays damage the natural hardwood flooring and are not ideal in the case of an SPC board or linoleum. The SPC planks come with extra protection from UV rays as it has a UV topcoat that does not let the flooring to discolor because of the sun.

Wear layer

 UV protection may not be available on every SPC flooring brand, but all the floors have a wear layer. This offers protection and lets your floor look as good as new for years to come.

Image layer

 The SPC floor comes with a unique core, but it is still a vinyl image layer. It gives the floor a wooden or stone appearance. The expensive brands offer more realistic products.

The core

The SPC floor is unique and offers additional stability underfoot. The core is made of limestone, which increases the rigidity of the floor. The board is dense and can withstand impacts, making it perfect for the areas in your home or the commercial setting with heavy traffic.

Backing layer

On the bottom of the SPC floor is the backing layer which is made using cork. The budget floor, however, makes use of foam. High quality and the thick backing layer will increase the floor’s price and offer more insulation and comfort.

Best SPC Flooring – UPDATED 2021

Do you want to purchase the best SPC flooring for your home? Here is a list of the best SPC brands which would help you pick the suitable one for your house.

1. DecorKing

Decorking is the flooring installer whom you can completely trust with your floors. All their floors offer a natural wood texture and are non-slippery, making your house look warm and aesthetically pleasing.


• Pre-attached interlock design makes it easy to install the floor
• Waterproof
• Fireproof surface
• Scratch resistant
• Strong abrasion
• Natural color and texture
• Multi-layer flooring
• Made using high-quality materials
• Safe for the environment

  • Certified flooring passed through various international bodies
  • 15 years of the commercial warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on residential finish
  • No damage because of regular cleaning
  • Long term high-temperature exposure causes damage

2. Mohawk

Mohawk SPC floors offer a look of utmost luxury. The SPC floors come in various colors and designs, trends that let you flaunt your class. The versatile and innovative high-performance flooring offers the texture and richness of natural materials giving your floor a premium look.


• Easy to install
• Offers realistic visuals
• High comfort level
• Maintains comfortable temperature be it any season
• The protective top layer which is scratch-resistant
• Easy to clean
• It fits into the family’s busy life

  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • Easy to maintain
  • Budget-friendly
  • Waterproof flooring
  • Available in vivid colors
  • Paw proof
  • Can order up to 5 samples
  • Exposure to high temperature for long duration causes damage

3. Diflart

Diflart brings out the simplicity, versatility, and aesthetics of your home and commercial floors. It creates a natural appeal that blends with modern trends and styles. The SPC floors from Diflart offer a classic pattern which is something unique.


• Engineered vinyl plank offers a realistic and hardwood look
• Woodgrain finish for a natural look
• No glue used
• 100% waterproof that is easy to install and clean
• Underlying player minimizes sound
• Shock absorbing floor
• Durable wear layer
• High-density fibreboard

  • Can be used in high traffic rooms
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High strength wear resistance
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-skid and moisture-proof
  • Available with a locking system
  • Heavy metal content determines the price
  • Installation should be done with perfect self-leveling

4. NanoFlooring

Bring life to your home or your office with the Nano SPC vinyl floor. The flooring is 100% waterproof, perfect for all commercial and residential projects. The product is reliable and made only using high-quality materials.


  • Easy installation
  • 100% waterproof
  • Perfect for commercial and residential SPC laminate flooring
  • Varied color options
  • Can be installed in bathroom kitchen and all the residential and commercial spaces
  • Offer high strength and zero shrinkage
  • Commercial grade flooring
  • Anti-moth and bacterial proof
  • Simple to install and easy to maintain
  • Installed by experts
  • Suitable for indoor space
  • Natural wood effect of the flooring
  • Comes in various shades and colors
  • Complete customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Cannot be immersed for long in the water
  • Installation should be done properly

5. Deco Floor

The Best SPC Flooring Deco SPC floors alleviate your home look to a classic yet give it a modern twist. They offer a high variation and multi-tonal effect. Whether you are looking for a dark or a bright shade, you have ample choices that meet your tonality with the Deco Floor. The deep emboss gives a sense of real wood.


  • It is easy to get them and install them immediately 
  • Recommended for residential and commercial use
  • SPC flooring does not need to get acclimatized
  • The laser-cut planks and the features can repel water from the surface 
  • The flooring is pet friendly
  • Easy to clean and is resistant to scratch.
  • The contact layers offer a soft, warm and comfortable sense underfoot.
  • Classic yet modern look for your floor
  • Embossed finish and extraordinary texture
  • Details of a natural aging wood
  • Easy to install on cork, ceramic, concrete
  • Sound-absorbing and no underlayment needed
  • Non-porous treatment which prevents the growth of stain
  • Multi-tonal colors in varied variations
  • Acclimation is not required
  • Installation should be done by a professional
  • Exposure to high temperature for long duration damages the floor

SPC Flooring Vs. Tiles – How They Differ? 

Are you confused and finding it difficult to pick, installing SPC flooring or tile? Here is the difference between SPC Flooring Vs. Tile.

· Tiles are slippery, which is also harmful because of their hard surface. SPC flooring is flexible, and the surface forms a deep pressure and anti-skid effect. The anti-skid can reach even R10, which means that SPC offers better anti-skid support.

· Installation and usage are easy in the case of SPC flooring. The installation cost is high as you need to pave the mortar substrate and then put the tiles on the mortar and hit it with a rubber hammer. The tile should also be on the same line as in the first one. The cost is thus low for SPC flooring and can be installed quickly without using any cement mortar. The SPC floor can be paved directly and used in 24 hours.

· The tiles’ surface material is not a heat absorbent and needs to be adjusted by the outside temperature. In case there is no underfloor heating in the home, you will feel cold when you step on the tile floor. SPC floor has resilience. It is soft and comfortable and also has better thermal insulation properties. It does not feel as cold as tile.

Cost of SPC Flooring

The price of the Best SPC Flooring is highly reasonable. The flooring cost is determined by how the pieces of the sheet have been developed and the material selection. Different manufacturers will set a different price based on the sheet selection material.

The processing method also is taken into account when determining the price of the SPC flooring. The floor is processed to ensure that it is treated to be waterproof.

The quality of the wood-plastic flooring should meet the standards and meet the normal usage requirements. This should also be taken into factor when selecting the SPC flooring. On average, expect to spend around 4 to 7 dollars per square foot of the flooring, this is the Average Cost of SPC Flooring.


If you like the feel and the look of the vinyl flooring but wish for something equally rigid like an engineered plank, then SPC flooring could be an amazing choice. The flooring is durable, resistant to water, is easy to install and maintain. All these make the SPC flooring one of the popular kinds of multilayer flooring that is currently in demand.

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