Make Your Own Awesome Chalkboard Paint in Any Color + Ideas


If you thought chalkboards were only useful in the classroom, you’re wrong. Inventive people around the are using chalkboard paint in offices, at their homes and everywhere they can paint on. Standard black/green chalkboard paint can cost you ~$10-30 (for 30 oz.). But for other colors you will need to pay a lot more – double or even triple price. So, why not to do it yourself?

Making Chalkboard Paint

The recipe is really simple and easy:


That’s it! 8 parts of latex paint or acrylic paint and 1 part of unsanded grout. Mix everything extremely well and paint.

Before painting – surface must be clean. Remove all dust and oils.

After painting – let it dry for about 3 days. Then rub chalk along the entire surface of the board, and then wipe the chalk off with a barely-damp cloth or paper towel.

Here are some awesome chalkboard ideas we gathered just for you!

DIY-Chalkboard-Paint-Wine-Bottle DIY-Chalkboard-Paint-Wine-Bottle1. Lovely wine bottles transformed into decorations or vases. (via Bell’alimento)


2. Chalkboard painted mug. Send different message for your loved ones every morning.

Herb sink chalkboard painted clay pots

outside herb pots chalkboard painted clay pots

3. Great idea for your own herb garden. Mark which herb is growing in which clay pot. (via The Robin’s Nest)


4. Holiday decorations painted with chalkboard paint. It can’t get any better than this.


5. Just look at this eclectic dinning room table. (via Madison Home)


6. The most used appliance at home? Yes it’s a fridge. And the best place to leave a message. (via KeepSmilingHome)


7. One of the best ways to stimulate children’s creativity. (via JodieRosenDesign)


8. Colorful home office organizer. (via Houzz)



9. Easy way to organizer that dresser. (via HomeLife and ElleDesign)


10. Genius way to improve your spice rack. (via InspirationForHome)


11. Have an old frame? Fill it with chalkboard paints and hang it again. (via FoundbyDomesticBliss)


12. Great way to add some colors and organize your kitchen.


13. Pink? Even this color is possible!


14. Adapt your chalkboard’s color to any interior. Green hall with green chalkboard wall. (via KathyCorbeInteriors)

What’s the most awesome chalkboard paint idea you have seen? Share your ideas in the comments below.

See How Easily You Can Purify Air


The Best Air-Purifying Plants

You don’t need any fancy machines or the latest technological advancements in air filters if you know what houseplants will improve indoor air quality. Back in the ‘80s, the Associated Landscape Contractors of America and NASA studied regular houseplants as a way to improve air quality indoors and found that many plants can filter out common volatile organic compounds in the air. Here’s a list of the best plants that provide a breath of fresh air.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Air purifying plant

This popular succulent is easy to grow and loves the sun, but it will also clear your home’s air of benzene and formaldehyde, which is often found in many paints, cleaners and other household products you may have. It’s beautiful and the perfect choice to decorate your kitchen by placing it on a windowsill where it will get loads of sun. Plus, it not only cleans the air, but the gel inside will help heal burns and cuts.

2. Spider Plant


The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a very tough plant, so you won’t have to worry if you don’t have a green thumb. It has lots of pretty tiny white flowers and is rich in foliage, allowing it to clear the air of such things as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and xylene (which is a chemical used in things like rubber, leather and printing industries). And the spider plant is safe for pets in your home.

3. Gerber Daisy


This flowering plant is beautiful and will brighten up your home. But the Gerber Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) will also remove trichloroethylene that can get in your home with your dry cleaning items. But it will also filter out any Benzene in the air that comes with inks. Place one in your bedroom or laundry room, but just make sure that it gets enough light to thrive.

4. Snake Plant

Snake Plant Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a great accent plant, Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii) is the perfect addition to your home. It’s also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, and the plant is actually one of the best purifying plants for formaldehyde, which is used in common cleaning products, tissues, toilet paper and a few personal care products. This work best in bathrooms and will survive in low light and steamy, humid conditions.

5. Chrysanthemum


Many love the vibrant colors of Chrysanthemum (Chrysantheium morifolium), plants that look great in any room. But it does more than just look good in your home or office since it helps filter out benzene, which is usually found in things like detergent, plastics and paint. Since this plant loves the light, you’ll need to place it near an open window where it can get sunlight so that its buds will bloom open.

6. Weeping fig

Source Frenchams

A beautiful Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) plant in your living room will make it come to life and help filter out any pollutants that come with furniture and carpeting like trichloroethylene and benzene. Caring for one can be tricky, but once you figure out the right light conditions and watering schedule, your ficus will last for a while.

Instead of investing in expensive air purifying devices, simply buy a beautiful plant to filter out your home’s air of pollutants.

Amazing Lights & Chandelier Designs

DIY lamp-design-featured

Lighting is one of the most important parts in your home. Innovative, modern or handcrafted lamps, chandeliers can bring warm and cozy atmosphere to your home. We have searched the net for most interesting and easy to make lighting for you. Check these incredible handcrafted beauties and maybe do one yourself.

Warning! Check your lighting source and materials before creating lamp, pendant or chandelier. Most of these lighting ideas do not work with heating bulbs. Heating bulbs will set on fire materials that are not fire proof.

DIY Glass Pendant Light

Minimalist design, good looking and gives a lot of light. Light spread is huge, because there are no light blocking parts. Instead of red twine, wrap the wire with neon twine and enjoy the effect even when the light is turned off.

Materials: socket,wire,bulb, desired color thread/twine.

Source and full DIY instructions:


DIY Jar Lighting

Do you still save all those jars? There’s already full basement of these? Here’s the way to use them. Gives that natural look you can find in country barns.

DIY Bottle and Spoon Pendant Light

Simple and rally cheap pendant light made out of plastic bottle and spoons. This installation generates warm and cozy light. Although, it requires low energy LED light, that spreads least amount of heat in order to prevent melting and setting on fire.



Cool Glass Lights with Twinkle Lights Inside

Really simple and easy to do. You will need glass bottle/lantern/etc, twinkle lights (those from Christmas tree should be ok) that do not generate a lot of heat and that’s it. Put twinkle lights to bottles and light them up. Decorating bottles may give you great effects.

lantern-with-twinkle lights



Stunning Round Pendants

These looks really luxurious and there so many variations of them. Just choose the one that is most suitable for room design. Most of these round pendant also requires low-energy LED lights. One source for exact instruction from made by girl.

pendant-lights cupcakes-lamp DIY-Light-Cupcake-cupsDIY-light-dolly-lamp

 Playful Lights from Plastic Cups

Getting ready for your child’s birthday? Or just like colorful interior? Use your Christmas lights and add some plastic cups, wrap those cups in gift paper. Voila! The lighting is done.


DIY Woven Pendant Light

Really good looking and warm pendant made out of casual materials. Hang it in kitchen over table or kitchen island and you won’t regret.


  • hanging planter basket (mine was $7.00 from Walmart)
  • sisal rope
  • single round outlet cover plate for a rectangular receptacle
  • white spray paint for metal
  • mini-pendant (you could opt for the standard size, as well)

Detailed instructions here.


Tree Bark Lamp

It is hard to imagine something even more natural than this. Perfect for terrace or outside/yard lighting.


Unusual Umbrella Lamp

Want something extra-ordinary? Put umbrella instead of your usual lamp 🙂


Romantic Lights in Wine Glasses

Romantic lighting during dinner is a must. So throw those old candles and make some wine glass lamps instead.


Beautiful Textured Paper Lamps

Paper lamps not only looks good, but also creates beautiful shadows from their textures.


Bottle Plug Light

One more really simple way to light up your home is use rechargeable bottle plug lights. Just plug it into the bottle and you have a good looking fuzzy light. Get one from amazon.

 Classical Hat Lamps

Should be great addition to the man cave or some manly design room.


DIY Can Lamps

Can lamps are rally easy to make. These spread fuzy and warm light. Use these outside in your terrace or garden and light the environment.


DIY Awesome Pallet Furniture Ideas


Have you ever searched for a new furniture? There are so many options available in these times.  It is really exhausting and most of the time, the one that really looks good costs the most… So why not to make it by yourself?

Pallet – is answer to all your problems while searching for a new furniture. There are so many ideas, probably to fill every corner in the house. Starting from kitchen shelf to full living room furniture sets. Making any of these is really simple as half the work is already done.

But before start, check which pallets are safe to use in house. You may find great article about pallet markings here.

Original kitchen shelf with additional lightning
Kitchen tools holder
Office furniture set
Small couch for rest
Simple shoes holder
Living room couch
White TV holder
Small work table
Red living room furniture set
Yard furniture set
Small couch on wheels
Chair ideas
Terrace floors
White coffee table and small chest of drawers
Full living room couch
White terrace furniture
Bed base and end from pallets
Bike holder and wall decorations
Black minimalist kitchen island
Blue yard bench
One pallet coffee table with decoration
Full living room set in loft
Using pallets instead of chest of drawers
Green coffee table with wheels
Natural kitchen island
Living room furniture
Raw outside couch
Cat bed
Coffee table with glass top and drawers
Coffee table from 2 pallets

19 Indoor Herb Planter Ideas




Are you living in a small apartment? Or want to have fresh herb during whole yea? Well here is a solution just for you. Check these 19 amazing indoor herb garden ideas.



Wall mounted jar planters. For those who have a lot of indoor light.

DIY-hanging-HErb-gardenHanging herb garden made of flowerpots and wooden planks.

Wooden-Boxes-Indoor-Herb-GardenA bit more advanced, but still doable at home herb garden made of wooden boxes that are connected by a hose. Hose provides watering for all herb plants. This way there’s no need to water every planter one by one.

Kitchen-Herb-Garden-planter-in-Wood-BoxDo you still have that old palette? It’s time to use it for a better purpose.

Indoor-Wooden-Herb_gardenThis is a custom made indoor garden. Construction is really simple – 3 triangles on one bigger plank to hold them.

Indoor-Tea-Box-Herb-GardenDo still keep those tea cans? Now here is a great way to use them as a herb garden.

Indoor-Snail-Home-Herb-GardenOne of the most unusual indoor garden is made out of snail homes.

Indoor-Simple-Jar-Herb-GardenThe most simple way – take a jar, add some small rocks on the bottom, fill it with dirt and plant a herb. Viola!


Self watering planters. They are taking as much water from below jar as way require. This way herbs are always watered and there’s not a lot of attention required.

Indoor-PVC-Herb-GardenPlanter made out of PVC tube. Buy PVC tube, cut it to preferred length, drill some holes, plug both ends with knock-out plugs and  fill it with dirt. That’s it, enjoy your always fresh herbs! Full instructions can be found here MAKE A FLOATING PVC WINDOW PLANTER

Indoor-IKEA-Herb-GardenIKEA’s VURM wine rack and a few clear tumblers. Can it be more simpler?

Indoor-Herb-Garden-with-Upcycled-Tin-CansDon’t throw away every tin can. Every one of them can become a beautiful herb planter.

Indoor-Hanging-Jar-Wood-Herb-GardenJust love those small buckets attached to old wooden planks.

Indoor-Hanging-Jar-Herb-GardenThis herb garden can be a little more skill demanding, just to hang every jar in a right height.

Indoor-Hangign-Bucket-Herb-GardenReuse your old clothes rack. Hang some planters and create your ever green indoor garden.

Indoor-Flowerpot-Herb-GardenHanging flowerpots. Drill a hole in a bottom and connect all of them with a rope.

Indoor-Bronze-Can-Herb-GardenHave you got any more of those tin cans? Buy some bronze/gold spray and create good looking herb garden.

Idoor-Wooden-Box-Herb-GardenHuge indoor herb garden, that can also be rolled outside during warm season. For those who are obsessed with fresh herbs and have a lot of space inside.


Cut tin cans in half. Pin around the edge with linen pins. That’s it.