19 Indoor Herb Planter Ideas




Are you living in a small apartment? Or want to have fresh herb during whole yea? Well here is a solution just for you. Check these 19 amazing indoor herb garden ideas.



Wall mounted jar planters. For those who have a lot of indoor light.

DIY-hanging-HErb-gardenHanging herb garden made of flowerpots and wooden planks.

Wooden-Boxes-Indoor-Herb-GardenA bit more advanced, but still doable at home herb garden made of wooden boxes that are connected by a hose. Hose provides watering for all herb plants. This way there’s no need to water every planter one by one.

Kitchen-Herb-Garden-planter-in-Wood-BoxDo you still have that old palette? It’s time to use it for a better purpose.

Indoor-Wooden-Herb_gardenThis is a custom made indoor garden. Construction is really simple – 3 triangles on one bigger plank to hold them.

Indoor-Tea-Box-Herb-GardenDo still keep those tea cans? Now here is a great way to use them as a herb garden.

Indoor-Snail-Home-Herb-GardenOne of the most unusual indoor garden is made out of snail homes.

Indoor-Simple-Jar-Herb-GardenThe most simple way – take a jar, add some small rocks on the bottom, fill it with dirt and plant a herb. Viola!


Self watering planters. They are taking as much water from below jar as way require. This way herbs are always watered and there’s not a lot of attention required.

Indoor-PVC-Herb-GardenPlanter made out of PVC tube. Buy PVC tube, cut it to preferred length, drill some holes, plug both ends with knock-out plugs and  fill it with dirt. That’s it, enjoy your always fresh herbs! Full instructions can be found here MAKE A FLOATING PVC WINDOW PLANTER

Indoor-IKEA-Herb-GardenIKEA’s VURM wine rack and a few clear tumblers. Can it be more simpler?

Indoor-Herb-Garden-with-Upcycled-Tin-CansDon’t throw away every tin can. Every one of them can become a beautiful herb planter.

Indoor-Hanging-Jar-Wood-Herb-GardenJust love those small buckets attached to old wooden planks.

Indoor-Hanging-Jar-Herb-GardenThis herb garden can be a little more skill demanding, just to hang every jar in a right height.

Indoor-Hangign-Bucket-Herb-GardenReuse your old clothes rack. Hang some planters and create your ever green indoor garden.

Indoor-Flowerpot-Herb-GardenHanging flowerpots. Drill a hole in a bottom and connect all of them with a rope.

Indoor-Bronze-Can-Herb-GardenHave you got any more of those tin cans? Buy some bronze/gold spray and create good looking herb garden.

Idoor-Wooden-Box-Herb-GardenHuge indoor herb garden, that can also be rolled outside during warm season. For those who are obsessed with fresh herbs and have a lot of space inside.


Cut tin cans in half. Pin around the edge with linen pins. That’s it.