6 Natural Fly Repellents


As the weather becomes warmer, and spring begins to fade into summer, more and more people begin to flock outside. There are so many things to do outdoors, especially as children begin leaving school and are eager to play. However, there is a shadow on all the excitement of being outside: Bugs. Or, more specifically, flies. Everyone has experienced it, whether from sitting and tanning by the pool or, even worse, eating a picnic. The flies swarm everywhere, getting their grubby little feet on everything.

There are several fly repellents available in stores. Unfortunately, most of these sprays contain chemicals that are harmful to the body and, if being sprayed near food, can have adverse side effects. Thankfully, there are also several all-natural fly repellents that can work just as effectively, without the chemicals.

Active repellents

1. Essential Oil Repellent

It’s becoming a well-known fact that most bugs hate essential oils. And flies are not an exception to this rule. Mixing a little essential oil, specifically citronella or eucalyptus oil, in some water can work as a great fly repellent. This repellent isn’t quite as safe on the skin, since these oils are pretty strong, but the mixture can be sprayed over an area that is going to be used. This repellent will keep the flies away from a picnic or barbeque area very well, and can even be sprayed around pools.

2. Shampoo and Oil Repellent

Specifically baby shampoo. Mixing the baby shampoo and a little cooking oil creates a great spray to use around the house and outside in the garden. This mixture will keep flies at bay for at least a week and doesn’t hurt flowers, trees, or grass. It should, however, only be sprayed on cloudy days, since the sun can heat up the oil if it hasn’t been absorbed yet, which will cause burnt plants.

3. Sassafras, Aloe, and Oil Repellent

Sassafras is another plant that has a very strong smell. And, black flies just so happen to hate the smell. This mixture is great for the skin, leaving it moisturized and smelling great. It can also be used outside, on plants and grassy areas. The sassafras essential oil should be mixed with some olive oil and aloe gel. This can be rubbed on the body or placed in a spray bottle for outside applications.

While these repellents are great to help keep flies away from a specific area or person, there are also ways to keep the land around a house from attracting flies. These methods, when used with the repellents, will only increase the chances of getting rid of the flies.

Passive repellents

1. Clean any Water

Standing water is an invitation to bugs to come and multiply. Things like fountains and birdbaths are known to attract flies. Cleaning these out or completely removing them will be a great help in keeping an area fly-free.

2. Plant a Garden

There are several types of plants that naturally repel bugs, including flies. Marigolds are a particular favorite. They’re bright, so they look beautiful in any garden, and they have an amazing smell that is loved by humans and hated by bugs. Mint is another great fly repellent. It can also be used in baking and smoothies, so it’s good for multiple things.

3. Light a Candle

As mentioned above, bugs hate essential oils. For a fast bug solution, adding a few drops of essential oil to a burning candle (where the melted wax is) can ward off flies. And, since there are so many amazing essential oils, there are a lot of different scents that can be used.

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