Top 5 Best toilet seats for cleaning / self-cleaning toilet seat

Why Self Cleaning Toilets? Like everything else in our lives, our bathrooms are also witnessing technical and design innovations. Convenience is a significant factor. When you have a self-cleaning toilet, then you spend less time and effort in cleaning it. A good self-cleaning toilet will prevent bacteria build-up and even protect your health. Many leading … Read more

Top 5 Best Frameless Shower Enclosures For An Amazing Experience!!

Frameless shower doors have become very popular in recent years because many people like clean and minimalist aesthetics. Responding to this, the manufacturers have come out with a wide selection of the best frameless shower doors. Though having many options is great for you, but it can be very confusing. Here is a list of … Read more

Your guide to choosing from the Top 5 Best one piece bathtub shower combo

Best one piece bathtub shower combo

Should you choose a bathtub or a shower? This decision affects many more aspects than just the aesthetics of your bathroom. Bathtubs are cozy while showers consume less space. Did you know that bathtubs can also significantly boost the value of your home? Now in this never-ending battle of which one should be labelled a … Read more